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Lorien Picspam

A picspam made for a challange at [info]themiddleearth
Inspired by the best team, Team Lorien!



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Jul. 12th, 2010

Come join [info]themiddleearth
A Lord of the Rings challenge community 

If you join tell them [info]ironmaidenlove from [info]teamlorien sent you


23 LotR Icons

23 icons for a challange at [info]themiddleearth 
The extra 3 are from other challanges.


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A Haldir picspam

Made  for a challenge at  [info]themiddleearth  A picspam of Haldir at Helms Deep.
This scence irks me beyond belief because it never should have happened, but then I go and make a picspam of it.
I really can't explain it.
My first so please comment and enjoy. =)

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25 LotR Icons

25 icons

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Outlaw Insider: Will Scarlett

Robin Hood is finally here in the US! I can't believe I had to wait for it.
I loathe my inability to have faster internet.
Anyway, It got me to make another issue of Outlaw Insider.
This month is Will Scarlett. This one was rather difficult to make.
I was lacking in creativity so I'm not 100% happy with it.
To be sure the next one is better I need lots of ideas for Djaq.

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Much Drabble: Forget

Title: Forget
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just mess with them.

Much had protested at first; it had been a long and tiresome day, but Allan insisted he would feel better after some time away

from the forest. They arrived at the inn and each man ordered a drink. Much had never been a big drinker, but after today he

needed something strong. He took a large swig from his first glass and then downed the rest in one gulp. He ordered another

drink, and then another, not caring if he got drunk. Being drunk made him feel better, made him forget. Tonight that was all he wanted to do, forget.

Much Spring Drabble

Title: Spring
Summary: Much doesn't enjoy the spring because he feels stuck in winter.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of them. If I did I would be hanging out with them, not writing about them.              

It wasn't working as a long piece so I shortened it. Enjoy!

            Spring had come early to Sherwood this year. The wood was coming to life again after a harsh winter. Much sat alone in the forest. He looked around and sighed. He had loved spring as a child, but it was different now. Though Much was surrounded by new life, he felt only death. He felt no pleasure in the spring; he was still stuck in winter. Marian was dead and Robin was lost in his grief. But he would find a way to bring Robin back. He would find a way to melt the winter and bring back the spring.

Much's inbox

Let's say that the outlaws can write and have the internet. This is what Much's email inbox might look like.


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Little John on the cover

The Little John issue is here!
Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas.

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